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    You have been in your new home for several months and have noticed some changes.  Perhaps it is cracking on a ceiling or wall; the air conditioning is not keeping you comfortable in summer or the heat in the winter; windows or doors don't close properly; there is water in the basement; perhaps an un-noticed leak in the attic or garage.

    Most new home warranties last for 11-12 months.  After that time, your builder may not be willing to make repairs.  We recommend that all new homeowners have an inspection prior to the end of their warranty period. If you did not have a buyer's inspection prior to purchase, a warranty inspection is a wise investment.  The cost of an inspection could easily pay for itself if defects are found and the builder is responsible for the repairs.  During the inspection, we will also make recommendations concerning maintenance items.

    Let me help you avoid the unexpected by providing a complete and thorough inspection and report, complete with photographs. 

Our 500 Point Inspection Includes:

  • Exterior: Foundation, Siding, Patios, Driveway, Sidewalks, Garage, Porches & Decks
  • Roofing: Shingles, Gutters, Down Spouts, Flashing, Roof Vents, Chimneys and Flues
  • Attic: Insulation, Ventilation, Interior Framing
  • Electrical: Service Capacity, Service Panels, Interior Wiring, Switches & Outlets
  • Heating: Condition and Age, Distribution Pipes & Ducts, Radiators, Thermostats
  • Cooling: Condition and Age, Compressor & Condenser Coils & Filters
  • Plumbing: Supply Lines, Interior Piping, Pressure, Drains, Fixtures, Water Heater
  • Basement: Foundation Walls, Joists, Posts, Beams and Flooring
  • Interior: Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Stairs, Bathrooms
  • Kitchen: Appliances, Cabinets, Exhaust Fan, Floor Covering

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Only home inspections performed by licensed inspectors are valid under a real estate contract.