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    As a home inspector, I see many homes in various conditions of repair.  No two homes are the same, even if built at the same time, by the same builder. Defects come in many forms and can have many causes.  They range from minor cosmetic problems to major structural issues.

    Here are some photographs that have been taken over the years.  Some are from newly constructed homes and some from homes 100+ years old.

ac unit This AC unit is too close to the walls to operate as designed.  A minimum of 12" is required on all sides.
Crack in attic wall This shared attic wall has settled.
Hazard This damper is not properly installed and is allowing CO to enter the basement.
Fogged window This multi pane window has lost its seal. Condensation is between the panes.  Time for a new window.
Bad Vent This water heater vent is installed improperly.
Cracked vent boot This plumbing vent boot has cracked over the years and is allowing water to enter the attic.
tar roof This roof covering is cracking.  This type of covering needs to be recovered every 4 to 6 years.
Cut Truss This truss was cut to make room for the skylight.  Trusses are not allowed to be cut or modified without an engineered repair.
drafthood This water heater draft hood is improperly installed.  The water heater will not vent properly.
attic The insulation in this attic has fallen from the rafters.
hotwire This wire is energized and exposed.  Do not touch!!!
trap This sink trap is leaking. I guess they come along and empty the bucket on a regular basis.
cast iiron This cast iron waste pipe is leaking.
no flashing Brand new home.  No flashing installed where the roof meets the wall. Can you say leak?
co hazard New construction.  The furnace vent is not connected.  This is a serious CO Hazard.
poly b Polybutylene plastic piping.  This product has problems and is not installed today, but it is in many existing homes.
poly b This polybutylene pipe is leaking at the fitting.
poly 3 More Poly B. piping
new roof This is new construction. I cannot explain why a roofer would do this.
roof repair This is a patch.  The real problem was the shingle and flashing installation that allows water to enter the master bedroom ceiling and wall.
se cable This service entrance cable has lost its covering and should be replaced.
settlement This wall has settled and has moved about an inch due to water undermining the foundation.  A proper gutter and downspout may have prevented this.
bad sill New construction.  This sill cover is not pitched to allow water to drain away from the window.
no vent This plumbing vent was covered over by roofers.
wet wall Water is entering the foundation wall in this corner.  This was caused by a faulty downspout.
wet floor This is water damage caused by a leaking wax toilet seal.
melt This is an overheated neutral.  This is a fire hazard.
bad vent This bathroom vent has exposed splices and does not exhaust to the exterior.
j box This wire splice should have a cover on the box.
joist hanger missing nails This joist hanger is missing nails (new construction)
dryer vent This dryer vent is missing its termination cover (new construction)
riser to high These steps have risers that are over the 7 3/4" high maximum.  Safety Hazard (new construction)
no caulk This new window does not have caulking around the frame.
bad splice This knob & tube wiring has been improperly spliced.
knob and tube in insulation This knob & tube wiring should not be covered with insulation.
defect This shower control knob cannot be operated because it is blocked by the cold water handle.
trip hazard This threshold is a serious trip hazard.  My client almost broke his neck walking out the door.  (Rehab)
Melted Vinyl Siding Vinyl Siding melted by grill.
Leaking Water Heater Leaking Electric Water Heater
Ivy Growing under siding Ivy growing under siding is pulling it away from wall.
Leaking Chimney Flashing Drain System This leaking chimney flashing has been "repaired" by the owner by adding a collector in the attic.
Missing Wood Shake Siding Damaged and missing wood siding with exposed sheathing.
Rusted Ductwork in Crawlspace Rusted ductwork with openings is crawlspace.
Frozen Coil Frozen evaporator coil
Damaged Vent boot flashing Deteriorated Rubber Boot Flashing allowing water to enter the attic.
Damaged Plywood Sheathing Damaged Plywood Sheathing in attic.
opening in sewage waste line Unsealed opening in plumbing waste line (stinky)
Flue liner Chimney liner improperly installed.  This was venting the furnace and water heater (sort of).
Brick Wall Failure This brick veneer wall has failed, cause unknown
Temporaty Wall Bracing Temporary wall bracing under failed brick veneer wall above.
Blocked Emergency Egress Basement emergency egress blocked by installed rear deck. This installation passed City Building Inspections...
Improperly installed air attmittance vent valve Improperly installed Air Admittance Valve on basement addition waste pipe.
Electrified ceiling fan housing This ceiling fan is wired improperly, extension cord wiring and not grounded.  It shocked my clients agent. I measured 25 volts from the housing to ground.
defective well pressure tank gauge This well tank gauge is leaking...
missing Nail at bracket Unsafe Attic Pull Down Steps
Fire Hazard
Exposed Flammable Vapor Barrier
Vinyl dryer duct Flammable Dryer Duct, NOT Rocommended
crazy chimney Fireplace Chimney Inside Raised Roof
Leaking Poop Pipe Cracked Cast Iron Waste Pipe

    My only interest in the home buying process, is the best interest of our clients. Whether your home is older or new, 500 or 5,000 square feet, buyers should not forgo the benefits of a comprehensive home inspection performed by an unbiased third party.

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